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  • 5 Tips for Healthier and Glowing Skin Article For Secret Model Beauty

    5 Tips for a Healthier and Glowing Skin

    Starting your day with a healthy dose of vitamin C is essential to producing collagen. Easy enough, right? How about exfoliating once a week to remove dead skin cells and bring new skin to the surface? Want more? Check out our top 5 tips for a healthier and glowing skin routine that will bring out your inner radiance. [More...]
  • Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin

    Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin

    Soothing sunburns and preventing acne are only a few of the home remedies you can use apple cider vinegar for. Since the elixir contains many vitamins, minerals, and acids the list of uses for benefiting the skin seems endless. Here we have listed our top favorite apple cider vinegar home remedies. [More...]
  • Water Color Lips, Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients

    Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients

    You never know what toxic ingredients may be used in the makeup you wear every day. Talc, hydroquinone, oxtinoxate, phthalates are all found in common beauty products. Here we list where you may find these toxic ingredients. [More...]
  • Woman getting her hair done.

    Guide To Dry Shampoo

    When on-the-go or have a style you want to wear for a second-day dry shampoo can keep you hair fresh and voluminous. Love the hair you wear, again and again. [More...]

Makeup Concealer Facts

by Lindsey Lockwood in Base

When it comes to concealer know the concealer facts. Learn which color is best and when to go hypoallergenic. [More...]


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