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3 Tips For Pretty Nails

Home Remedies For Pretty Nails

Having brittle nails myself, I am always on the look-out for great nail care tips. Pretty nails are something which some of us have to work at. So, if you’re in need of nail therapy check out our top 3 tips for pretty nails and hopefully you’ll too be able to also maintain healthy nails you’ll be proud to showoff.

3 Tips For Pretty Nails

Before you set out to treat your nails, think about how to avoid nail problems in the future. We’ve come up with the top 3 tips for pretty nails you can do at home to ensure nail care before they become a disaster. Since there are many household items that can cause damage to your nails and nail beds. One way to avoid inflammation of the tissue around your nails, or even infection, is by keeping your hands protected. You can do this by wearing gloves when you do your housework to keep your hands dry and away from harsh cleaning chemicals. Wearing gloves also protects your nails and your fingers from traumatic injury.

Our 3 Tips For Pretty Nails

  1. Keep The Nails Short And Covered

    Try not to cover your nails with nail polish all the time. It yellows your nails and it will also dry them out. Your nails need some moisture but by having them painted, they will become dry and brittle. The nail polish remover you need to remove old nail polish will add to weaken and drying your nails. It is a good idea to have your nails cut short. With short nails, there is less of a danger of breaking them or tearing them which can be very painful. If you tear your nail to the nail bed, you may invite an infection which can lead to more serious problems.

  2. Soak Nails To Make Them Pliable

    Vitamin B may help to give your nails a smooth and healthy surface. If you need to push back your cuticles, baking soda on the nail brush will help soften the tissue so that it can be pushed back easier. Soaking your nails in salt water will soften them up so that they can be trimmed much easier and without breaking. One tablespoon salt per one quart of water is sufficient. At the end of the day, soak your fingers or feet in very warm saltwater and you will not only have nails that present no problem when you trim them, but you will also find this hand or foot bath very relaxing.

  3. Moisturize Brittle And Split Nails

    Cracked and split nails can be repaired. Think of what has caused them to split or break. Then protect them from that assault. First you should carefully trim or file them so that there are no jagged edges. Then moisturize your nails with moisturizing creams. Check on the labels if they contain things like protein or lanolin. Propylene glycol and alpha hydroxyl acids are also good to use to keep your nails moist to prevent them from breaking and cracking. To moisturize your nails, take a little drop of the moisturizer and massage it into the nails, one by one, all the way into the cuticle. You will soon see your nails improving in their texture and appearance.

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