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Baby Oil As Makeup Remover

Bye Bye Harsh Scrubbing

Makeup remover was a beauty product I somehow missed. When a friend had asked if she could use mine, which I didn’t have, she asked if I had baby oil. After the first night of not having to harshly scrub, I was hooked. In this article I discuss my baby oil as makeup remover experience and recommendations.

Baby Oil As Makeup Remover

Growing up fighting with removing mascara and eyeliner, as many girls do, I would use an asylic acid face wash as a teenager to clean my face and remove makeup. Battling smears, 2 to 3 times scrubbing in a row was the norm only to wake up with raccoon eyes still. Then I finally discovered how helpful baby oil as makeup remover can be when a friend stayed over after a night out.

Getting ready to go to bed, tired, and painted with full on Ke$ha makeup, my bestie, Jesse, asked for makeup remover. However, makeup remover was one of “those” beauty products I had never started using. Apparently, I had missed the easy makeup removal train. Answering with a pouty “no”, she then asked if I had baby oil. Which I did have. Always on the lookout to better protect my skin as a model, this was life changing. Bye bye harsh scrubbing.

My initial obvious concern was how safe it was. However, after a little online research on what is baby oil and many nightly uses, I personally haven’t found any problems or noticed redness. When applying I use a cotton square and wipe a few times each eye, and poof! Makeup removed. The simplicity of the ingredients have kept me a loyal advocate for using baby oil as makeup remover. Finding other products to sting slightly and have a longer ingredient list, personally baby oil comes out on top.

Baby oil has 2 ingredients: mineral oil and fragrance. Mineral oil is from the earth and is about as natural as it comes. Dermatologists are still recommending patients to use it for dried skin and mild irritations. Despite a common online misconception mineral oil has not been found to clog pores:

A paper written by a cosmetic company and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (2005) found that the type of highly refined and purified mineral oil found in cosmetic and skincare products is noncomedogenic (does not clog pores). – Wiki

Wash Your Face After Using Makeup Remover

Whether you use makeup remover or baby oil as makeup remover, you should always wash your face after. Leaving mascara or makeup residue can lead to irritation or a bacterial infection. Also, if you experience any redness, stinging, or irritation quit using any product immediately and find out which ingredient is causing it.

Use Baby Oil As Makeup Remover

Sharing my find with a few friends I noticed, like myself, not very many women know about using baby oil as makeup remover. The bottom line is it’s safe, very effective, moisturizing, natural, and lastly cheap. If you prefer a luxury brand for fragrance and other potent ingredients, I definitely understand. However, if you’re in a pinch, give baby oil as makeup remover a try.

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