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What's in Vern's beauty drawer?

Not giving up late nights, pizza, and burgers, find out more of Veronica Taylor’s beauty secrets and model diet as she shares with us.

Beauty lover and model, Veronica Taylor, shares her power foods and power skin pick-me-ups. Unlike what you assume a model would eat (lettuce), Veronica is a fan of moderation but with a twist. She gears up for photo shoots with foods in mind which will help with bloating and give her good clean energy to last all day.

Ms. Taylor reveals her pre-shoot foods and diet faux pas with Secret Model Beauty, “I love food and will never fully give up my pizza, cheeseburgers, and cocktails. However, I do really like to try and stay healthy as much as possible. I’m a huge fan of asparagus! It’s not only incredibly easy to make and tasty, but it is a diuretic and helps to eliminate bloating. The night before a shoot I love to make asparagus mixed in with avocado, brown rice, and salmon.

Since asparagus is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse, it’s no wonder it’s on Veronica’s pre-shoot menu. Sharing in her blog, TheLookByV, detailed information on the different vitamins and minerals the little green spears contain, she also lists the suggested daily serving amount the FDA recommends.

Not taking a back seat, her recipe’s other ingredients are as important for getting a full amount of vitamins and clean carbs with little fat. Infact, brown rice is a source of many beneficial nutrients, such as, fiber (promotes healthy digestion), zinc (antioxidant), magnesium (for energy) and Vitamin B-6 (helps produce serotonin, red blood cells and break down carbohydrates). Avocados and salmon on the other hand contain massive amounts of omega-3’s which aid in heart and brain health as well as are the poster children for anti-inflammatory foods.

Learn the astounding benefits of Omega-3’s on the inside of the body and the beautiful effects it has on hair, skin and nails — Check out the Secret Model Beauty ebook.

Let’s face it, Veronica’s radiant skin is due to eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy diet but what does she do when she takes a day off or doesn’t have time to eat properly? We want to know. Also in her blog, she divulges yet another secret, “Long days at work or long nights out can leave my skin looking dull and just plain sad. When I know my skin will need a little boost I slather on Giorgio Armani Regenessence 3.r Youth Regenerator. This serum is literally a restart button for skin. I wake up with an even tone, glowing, and ready to go. So, even if I don’t feel like I got that 8 hours of required sleep, I look like I did.”

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What’s in Vern’s Beauty Drawer?


Veronica uses Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer everyday, $43 online. Veronica’s favorite cheek color: Nars Blush in Torrid, $29 online.

Veronica’s favorite beauty product of all time: Hypnose Mascara by Lancôme. When Veronica is feeling a little saucy she’ll thrown on some Russian Red Lipstick by MAC. $24 online.

When Veronica doesn’t get her beauty sleep she relies on Masqueology, $14 online. Veronica uses her Clarisonic Mia Brush everynight to maintain clear pours.

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