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Diet Sabotage

Are you a friend or a diet saboteur?

Do your friends or family tease you when you try to order something healthy? A new study shows 60% of people feel their loved ones or colleagues are the cause of their diet derailment.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant with a plan to order something healthy, only to be made fun of by your friends who inflict diet sabotage? Your efforts are not only called out but derailed. I’ve been a victim of diet sabotage all too often. After becoming the butt of a joke, I feel like I too should go down the rabbit hole instead of keeping with my diet plan.

After some thought on this subject, I realized I was also villain. When I have a cheat day I too call in the troops to come and join me. Cooking, ordering or drinking away out of sheer happiness I hit a diet goal. Teasing friends about their health choices, (I admit) I’ll pressure friends to join in on the delectable food even if they shy away. Eek!

Friends can be a huge influence in your weight-loss life. Staying fit requires a lot of motivation, especially when you’re tired from work or studying all day. A friend who drags you to their new yoga class, hiking trail, or Pilates class is a real asset. Too bad there are not more of those of friends in every circle. However, new studies show I’m not alone. Allure Magazine reported, “According to a survey conducted by Medi-Weightloss Clinics, 66 percent of female dieters feel that their friends and family may be sabotaging their weight-loss efforts. Out of the more than 300 women who participated in the survey, over half reported being pressured to eat “non-diet” foods by colleagues, friends, and family, and 35% were even teased about their meal choices.”

Although I’m not shocked, I’m thoughtful. Small detours here and there on a diet regime can add up. When a girlfriend can no longer zip up her favorite jeans, don’t let it be your fault. New rule: on cheat day, I won’t tease you into having some of my lasagna when you’re only having salad — if you won’t make fun of me until I have some of your double delicious dessert. Let’s all be supportive and not a diet saboteur.

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