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Eat To Live — Eat Right For Beautiful Skin

Beauty starts from within.

For beautiful skin try incorporating a beauty diet! Learn which foods will improve skin’s condition, restore elasticity and give you a natural glow.

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Is there such a thing as a “beauty diet?” Even if our hi tech beauty products advance we can still rely on natural remedies and diets for glowing skin, a nice complexion and fighting signs of aging. Try these beauty boosters to ramp up your magnetism. Especially if you don’t want to only rely on futuristic science-y type products and want to go au natural.

MmMmmm, Chocolate: Containing antioxidant properties like flavonols, cocoa hydrates, firms and can improve luminosity of the skin. The more pure the chocolate, the better. A couple of squares a day is all you’ll need to get a little extra glow.

Low-Fat Yogurt, Really!?: This delicious snack should be in your beauty diet for a few reasons besides skin. The high protein power food is a serious tool for weight loss because of it’s high protein content. Not only does protein stifle hunger pains but it also helps reduce lines by making our skin more firm. If you’re really determined Greek Yogurt usually has the highest protein and the lowest fat and sugars on the market.

Soften With Walnuts?: Omega-3 essential fatty acids can help improve skin’s elasticity and walnuts are packed with it. Walnuts also contain other vitamins and minerals to help boost collagen production, improve skin’s texture and many other beauty benefits. Heart healthy and skin healthy grab a hand full a day and watch all the perks come to fruition. You may even notice shinier hair to boot.

Peppers — Hot or Sweet: Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins like A, C,K, and capsaicin, eating an abundant amount of peppers can fight oxidized cells which causes signs of aging. When comparing the nutrient values of the different bell peppers, studies have shown that red bell peppers have significantly higher levels of nutrients than green. Eating peppers = less crow’s-feet

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Sunshine & Sunflower Seeds: Having a high essential-fatty acid and vitamin E content, your skin will be more protected if you eat sunflower seeds. The vitamins in the little kernels will keep your skin supple by protecting it’s top layers from the sun’s UV rays. Make sure to clean up your shells after your handful as a snack.

Super Pomegranate: This fruit gets a super in front of it because of it’s antioxidants. The free radical fighter, polyphenol, can also regulate skin’s blood flow for a healthy rosy color skin tone. If used topically you should experience a reduction in fine lines and moisturized skin. A glass a day should keep your wrinkles at bay.

Kidney Beans, The Musical Acne Treatment: A good source of zinc, kidney beans can help fight acne and blemishes. Since zinc helps regulate the amount of oil in the skin, deficiencies are one of the major causes of acne. If you have “problem” skin, try increasing the amount of zinc in your diet, applying zinc topical solutions or taking zinc supplements.

SOY, Oh boy!: It’s already been proven soy beans, like edamame, are good for us. Proven once again, soy has even more benefits then previously understood. New studies show soy proteins can even out skin tone, texture and reduce the appearance of a wide variety of skin discolorations, such as age or sun spots. You should see results if you incorporate a cup a day of soy milk, edamame or try soy infused lotions.

Healing Oatmeal: Useful for many skin treatments, such as dry skin, natural cleansing, facial scrub or a soothing facial mask, topically oatmeal is a super star. Helping retain natural moisture as well as lessen redness or other skin irritations. When you have it as your breakfast meal it can aid in maintaining your body’s level of androgens hormones which can cause wrinkles. Androgen’s elevate when your body’s blood sugar levels spike. Less processed oatmeal not only holds more vitamins but it helps keep your blood sugars stable since it can take longer to break down in your body. Whether on your face or in your body, Oatmeal is a soothing skin fix.

A Cup Of Green Tea A Day: Free radical fighting, the antioxidant power house fights signs of aging — among many other healthful benefits. It can also reduce redness because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Not only is Green tea good for your skin, it aids in weight loss because it contains catechins. Catechins is a chemical which lowers cholesterol and burns calories reducing your overall body fat. Green tea — we’re not worthy.

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Diet recommendations are the views of Secret Model Beauty because we love the results we get. Sharing nutritious foods or ideas which work is our only goal. Don’t ingest anything which you maybe allergic to. Attempt at your own risk and consult your doctor for any new regimens.

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