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Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream

A 70 year old cult classic

If there is a product which is considered a cult classic, you’ve got to give it some credit. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is just that and it’s 70 years old! Used multiple ways as curing different skin irritations, makeup artists also use it as makeup in various ways. Très cool.

This product I consider to be a cult classic. It’s actually 70 years old. I’ve seen this in makeup artist’s kits since my very first job. The glistening cream was usually used it to make my skin shiny and glowing. But there are many other uses making it a staple on the runway. It can be used on the eyelids, cheekbones, the lips as a gloss. It’s great as a brow fixative to keep the brows in place. Its great on the elbows and cuticles because it heals, moisturizes and soothes. It reverses the dryness in the skin; especially during cold weather it’s terrific. It gives that beautiful, healthy and natural look to the skin.

However, the skincare classic’s main intent is to soothe, restore, calm and help relieve chapped, cracked, dry skin. Soothes roughness, redness and minor skin irritations.

Where to buy: You can find Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream in department stores for around $21 or online.

SMB recommended use: You can use this product as much as you want. Winter is coming and now’s a great time to start protecting your skin against the harsh weather. I also like to use it after I go through a mask beauty routine about one a week to give my skin extra moisture.

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