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The angel scoop.

Angel Candice Swanepoel shares what her favorite go-to beauty products. Not that Candice needs a ton of beauty products. Her highly active beach and fitness lifestyle would look good on anyone.

Watching countless interviews, supermodel Candice Swanepoel doesn’t shrug off hard work when it comes to her perfect skin and body. She embraces beauty routines and grueling fitness regimes which is what Secret Model Beauty is all about. In a recent interview with She Knows Candice shares her number one beauty tip which is washing off her makeup as soon as possible, stating, “I wash my face as soon as I finish work because we have makeup on every day. It’s really important to keep it clean.

Among other tricks in her skin arsenal she also uses Body Scrubs, “Body-wise, I moisturize a lot and I do a lot of scrubs to renew skin.” Exfoliating is a model must to keep skin looking fresh and is also an SMB favorite glowing skin tip.

Of course, washing your makeup off every day and exfoliating feels like ‘duh’ beauty statements. However, keeping your pores clean sooner rather than waiting til bedtime as well as not skipping your weekly scrub fest may be just the trick to having a perfectly clear complexion like Candice’s.

When it comes to fitness boxing is Candice’s go-to. Not only mentioning boxing in the She Know’s interview, she tells Allure Magazine what she does to get her body ready for the coveted Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, “I work out like a maniac. Tomorrow I’ll box in the morning and then I’ll do Pilates at night. I also do a lot with resistance bands.” Wow, two workouts in one day is not only ambitious but impossible even for her to keep up with on a daily basis. When not preparing for the star-studded lingerie fashion show she’ll take a run on the beach or bring small weights when traveling to make sure she keeps a routine.

Candice’s Role Models

Gisele Bündchen has always been an inspiration and role model as a person and as a business woman. LaetitiaCasta for her natural beauty. I tend to look up to older icons like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Karen Mulder…” –

What’s in Candice’s Beauty Drawer?

“Taking care of your skin is everything. It’s the largest organ in the body — to have good skin is the most important for me, from my face to my toes. When I’m finished working, the first thing I do is clean my face. For my body, I’m always moisturizing. Since I was a little girl I would be rubbing with cream, it’s like a ritual!” “For lips, there’s this drugstore brand that I use called Palmer’s just for moisture — I can’t go anywhere without that.”

“For blondes it’s really important to keep your hair moisturized, and because our hair is worked on every day I use a lot of deep conditioning stuff. Kérastase is one of my favorite brands.” “Victoria’s Secret has the So Sexy shampoo and conditioner for colored hair — it’s really good and it smells amazing! It’s like you put perfume, on but you really just washed your hair. It’s also important to put a mask on every now and then.” Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Color Protect & Revive Shampoo Color Treated Hair
VS's Ginger Spice

“There’s a lip pencil that I carry everywhere with me. It’s Victoria’s Secret, it’s probably my favorite product — it’s called Ginger Spice. It’s basically the same color of my lips but if I outline them it makes my lips look much bit bigger…because my lips are really pink naturally.”Ginger Spice is no longer available, we recommend: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil Rosewood “I use illuminator a lot on my cheekbones– you can put it on your nose and on the bow of your lips. I always think skin looks better if it’s glowing so that’s a good trick.”

“If I’m not working I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I always have a concealer or a great lipstick in my bag. I like to do a red lip if I’m tan!” “I think it’s important to have a good mascara that goes on evenly that doesn’t clump and if you’re not wearing any makeup just whack that on. Something else I do on my own, a black cat-eye line and then natural on the rest of the eye.”

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  1. Hi there Peta, I attempted to send you a mesasge before?? I’m not sure if it sent or where to locate it? I’m sorry if this is a repeat. Anywho, I am 26 years old, a singer/songwriter/performer (so when performing regularly, keeping in shape is vital) and have decided after 4 months of illness, to turn my life and health around. I have read many of your posts and we share a whole lot in common. I’m wondering whether I could email you a few personalish questions? You are such an inspiration and have so much valuable information to share! Hope to hear from you soon xx Libs

  2. these are all really great tips! I want to consult my dermatologist however before I decide to impliment them in my life

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