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The Foundation Found In Makeup Artist’s Kits

Choose the foundation makeup artist’s use, try Giorgio Armani’s.

Giorgio Armani Foundation.

I chose foundation this week simply because I noticed this brand in the makeup artist’s kits on the jobs I’ve worked on this year. When I asked makeup artists why they liked this product their answer was all the same, “It goes on light and natural.”

Where to buy: I’m waiting for my current foundation to run out before I go and pick this up. I’m so excited to get it in my makeup bag o’ tricks! I know it’s on the pricey side – around $100. However, your face is the first thing that people look at. It’ll give a stranger their first impression and others expression. Treat it well!

SMB recommended use: How often you wear makeup is entirely up to you.
*All Product of the WEEK! recommendations are the views of Secret Model Beauty because we love the results we get. We are not being paid (yet) or have sponsors. Sharing products which work is our only goal. Oh yeah, attempt at your own risk and consult your doctor for any new regimens.

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