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How To Pose In Photos

What to do even if it's just a selfie.

Posing for snap shots, family photos or selfies can be nerve-racking, here are the best picture taking advice from professional models.

We are in an age where technology rules. Everyone owns a digital camera and people are constantly snapping photos which will, most likely, be posted publicly on social networks. I personally don’t have a hair and makeup team on call when I’m around town so there are a few things I keep in mind while taking snap shots from my experiences from numerous photo shoots and red carpet events.

Before A Photo Check Yourself

Beauty check! There are essentials to keep in your purse at all times: lip gloss, small comb, and a powder compact with a mirror. By having a small glam kit on standby you will always be prepared for a surprise photo or a surprise bump into a lustful interest.

Before you take a photograph add a layer or your favorite color lip gloss, then comb your hair to tame any wild hair the wind could have stirred up. Next, powder your face to remove any shine and use the mirror to check your teeth for any food particles. These maybe small things but you will have a more polished and put together look.

Wardrobe check! Boobies in – check! Skirt not twisted – check! Necklace straight – check!

Check your wardrobe from top to bottom to ensure there is nothing hanging out, no skewed material, and any other malfunction that could happen.

Posing: Things To Remember

Posing can be a daunting task if you are a professional. Only the true talents can model from their head down to their toes. The list of things to take in and consider seems endless; clothing, environment, mood, items you’re selling, face, hands, feet, hair, makeup, facial expression…phew! That’s a lot to do all at once. Here are a few tips that can get you through anything from a wedding photo to a snapshot at a party or even a model portfolio that you maybe working on.

  1. Light source. Try to be aware where the light is coming from. It could be from the sun, overhead lights, or maybe a lamp. Unless you are going for an effect, always face the light so it can hit your face evenly to create less shadows. If you are posing with other people try not to block their light and they not block yours.
  2. Angle your head. Keep your chin out and down then tilt your head to one side. This will help you avoid a double chin and looks great in photos by accuating your jawline.
  3. Slimming effects. Sit or stand up tall pretending there is a string pulling your whole body from the top of your head. Then make sure your arms are slightly away from your body. Resting your arms on your body can push your skin out on each side causing your arms appear bigger then what they actually are. Which is one of the reasons models keeps their hands on their hips, as well as the pose creates a great shape.
  4. Shoulders back. Pull shoulders back, chest forward and gently suck stomach in just enough not to show your ribs.
  5. Beware of feet and hands. A whole photograph can be ruined by a hand or one wrong foot position. Try not to fidget and keep your hands relaxed, even if your nervous. You can keep your toes pointed to help you appear longer whether you are sitting or standing. If you are wearing flats, pretend they are heels. It’ll make your calf’s look great too!
  6. Stare through the camera lens. When you are looking at the camera lens try and look all the way through the lens to the photogapher. Don’t fall short by stopping your stare at the beginning of the lens. By having your gaze continue all the way through you will have a better affect of drawing people in.
  7. Confidence. This can come with an uninhibited smile or gaze,

My Favorite Posing Tricks

There are a few favorite posing techniques that I like to do to achieve a feeling, look or try to make a photo appear more natural. Every job, whether it be an advertisement, an editorial for a magazine or a catalog requires a different set of skills to accomplish what the client is looking for.

Caught In Mid Laugh 
To keep from having a frozen smile on camera you can pull out a trick that can give you movement and believability. Look away from the camera, then turn towards it. Break into a smile just before the camera clicks. This will help you look like your not trying too hard. You can even try bending slightly forward to add more effect to your laugh.

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Happy Catalog Tricks
Catalogs are all about the clothing and making the apparel appear like they belong on you in everyday situations. This can be achieved by a few steps and a bounce walking towards camera. I like to walk 2-3 steps forward and backward to give my hair bounce, and give the clothing movement while trying to stay with in focus range of the camera. I then add a giant smile like I just heard a joke (or saw someone fall in the mud) to pull the feeling together. Another version I like to do if I’m showing the back of a garment is walking away looking over my shoulder towards camera with the added smile.

Sexy Moody Posing
Who doesn’t want to be just like a Victoria Secret model? Those beauties have wonderful genes passed down to them but, of course they have to put in some effort. To pose like a sexy babe, I keep in mind to elongate my body sitting or standing tall with my shoulders back. It’s nice to part your lips and have a “come hither” gaze instead of staring blankly hoping my natural features will do the work.

Movement refers to appearing like you were just caught in action. Which is perfect for making photographs more interesting. I’ve been using a new trick lately that has been looking g-r-e-a-t in photographs. Bare with me, let me see if I can explain it. I turn sideways to the camera and start to take a step with the foot that is furthest away from the photographer. I then quickly turn my hips and whole body towards the camera shifting my weight and hip to the foot that started the step then strike a pose. Weee! I can feel the pose working with every click of the camera. You can make this action sexy, happy, or moody – it’s an easy pose to adjust to the needs of the clients.

Give yourself some time to try out different looks in the mirror. I did this all the time as a young girl not knowing I was “studying.” Doing this has never been about admiring myself (still isn’t) it was about seeing how my face reacted to different feelings and change, also which muscles I could move to show off what I liked about my face. Knowing your better angles and understanding your body will always help give a better photo. You can try getting inspiration from a Victoria Secret catalog or photos of your favorite model. Then try to imitate what you like in front of a full length mirror. Pay close attention to their facial expressions, and body language.

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