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Home Treatments For Soft Hair

Beer, eggs, and tea, why not?

You don’t have to throw a party for these soft hair home remedies, but it would be more fun. Grab your friends and some beer (for your hair) and see how luscious you can get your locks.

Home Treatments For Soft Hair

Weird Treatments With Stuff You Have In Your Kitchen To Get Soft Hair

Every woman wants to have beautiful, flowing, soft hair. Women have been taught that soft, golden, raven, brunette, red, or flaxen locks should be their goal. What better image to show on the TV than a gorgeous hunk of a guy running his fingers through a model’s soft, bury-his-face-in-it hair. You, too, can have hair like that, the ads say – and indeed, you can.

Have A Hair Care Party

If you are serious about getting that velvety softness into your hair, why not have a hair care party? Invite several of your girlfriends over and you can each share your hair softening secrets. In fact, you can go one step further and compare at the end which recipe worked best. There are several different types of treatments. Some can be purchased in a box at the store, like hot oil treatments. Other treatments are of a more domestic kind, using ingredients you have in your refrigerator. Some consist of olive oil, others of mayonnaise and others yet of raw eggs and beer as their main ingredients. Be prepared for an evening of lots of fun but also for major clean up afterwards.

Beer, Eggs And Tea Are A Great Combination For Your Hair

While you are getting wonderful treatment for your hair, the party should be even more fun if you use beer. You may want to taste what you are putting on your hair, seriously. If you do use the egg and beer wash, have some chamomile tea already made and cooled. First beat the raw eggs so that they are well mixed. Smear them into your hair and then let it sit for about fifteen minutes. You may want to wear a shower cap while your hair is basting. When it’s time to rinse the egg out, just pour a bottle of room temperature beer slowly over your head, working your hair to get the egg out while the beer flows. You may have to repeat that several times. Then you rinse out the beer with cool but not cold water.

What’s That Smell?

Finally, take a cup of chamomile tea and pour that over your hair repeatedly until all the beer smell is out of your hair or you may get some unwanted attention from the guy who makes his bed on the park bench. When you are done with the tea, rinse again with plain, cool but not cold water. Wrap your hair up in a towel for a couple of hours. Let it air dry the rest of the time. You will have the softest hair and shiniest hair you have ever had.

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