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How To Be More Confident

Sit up straight, chin up and smile.

Wear confidence as if it were the only item in your closet you were proud of. Really proud of. A confident girl (or boy) is unstoppable. People love watching a person be secure with themselves. Be remembered.

Confidence is beautiful. Watching Victoria’s Secret model’s strut the runway is captivating. Engrossing, really. Of course they’re creatures of perfection ascetically but they also ooze sexy confidence. Here are a few tips for your own confidence boosts to shine like a star this weekend.

How To Be More Confident

1. Stand up straight with your shoulders back. Smile.
2. Acknowledge people who turn their heads at you with a smile or maybe a wave.
3. Think about your best qualities.
4. Be positive.
5. Accept compliments gracefully.
6. Speak loud and clearly. Don’t talk too low or quickly.
7. Make eye contact.

Not only can you use confidence to get noticed by a potential date, it can carry you through many events life has to offer. If you go into to a job interview your future employer wants to feel your confidence in handling what is asked of you. The same goes for models, the client wants to know if they hire you you’ll be able to perform on the day you’re needed. So, sit up straight, chin up and smile. Teach others how to be more confident too.

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