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Good Manners & Etiquette Personally and Professionally

Etiquette tips whether you are in a corporate office or on the runway, displaying etiquette and good manners is the foundation of professionalism. Having proper etiquette demonstrates respect, care, and consideration.

Model Etiquette

Whether you are in a corporate office or on the runway, displaying etiquette and good manners is the foundation of professionalism. Having proper etiquette demonstrates respect, care, and consideration. Traits such as these are the essence of thoughtfulness and thus this perception can heighten beauty and grace. On the other hand, rudeness has the ugly side effect of inhibiting beauty and respect. Meaning, one could leave with a negative perception of you, loose respect, or begin to doubt how serious you take your job.

4 Ways To Be Thoughtful

  1. Remember people’s birthdays. Whether an agent, a boss, repeat client, or friend a simple text message instead of a Facebook wall post will come across more personal. If you don’t have a client’s number emailing is another option.
  2. When invited to an occasion at someone’s house bring gifts. Other ways to translate this type of thoughtfulness is to surprise your coworkers with something for the office break room, or bring something to share with the crew while on a photoshoot. Chocolate is always welcomed when gifting a lot of people.
  3. Pitch in. This goes for a friends house, on set, or in an office setting as well. Cleaning up, help carry items from one location to another, or even stuffing envelopes is always well perceived.
  4. Thank you notes are a very thoughtful way to give gratitude to someone who has taken the time to take you out to dinner, buy you a gift, or help you out in some way. In a model’s case, most often a casting director, agent, or repeat client would be the recipient.

7 Ways To Be Polite

  1. If you know that you aren’t good at finding the right words think things out before speaking.
  2. Don’t speak too loudly. This can be seen as overbearing and rude which will make people quickly lose respect for you.
  3. Speak with respect to and of others. Here’s a general rule: If you don’t want someone to speak about you that way, try not to speak this way to others.
  4. Use the terms: Thank you, Please, and You’re welcome.
  5. Don’t swear. It sounds cheap and disrespectful. Profanity indicates an angry person and immediately puts people off. Not to mention a lack of vocabulary.
  6. Show interest in others. Try asking questions about people you are in conversations with. Talking about yourself might make you appear arrogant.
  7. Meal time? A quick trick to remember using utensils correctly if you are in a formal situation is to start at the outside of the table and work your way in.
    • If you are setting the table a tip to remember is: liquids are on the right, solids on the left (ex: water glass is on the right and bread plate should be on the left).
    • Don’t forget these oldies: elbows off the table, sit up straight, and don’t talk with your mouth full.

Model Etiquette
Model Etiquette
Etiquette tips whether you're in a corporate office or a model on the runway, displaying model etiquette is the base of professionalism.
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