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Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Revive, protect, condition, and strengthen.

Moroccan Oil is used for reviving, protecting, conditioning and strengthening your hair. After using the product applied when blow-drying — you will love how soft your hair will feel. Not to mention the smell is amazing.

This stuff is amazing for reviving, protecting, conditioning and strengthening your hair. Usually applied when getting a blow-out at a salon, your hair will thank you. I found the product in a gift bag. I wasn’t quite sure what it was. When I used a few drops through each of my blow-out sections, the results were great smelling, soft hair. Most hair stylist I know — swear by the oil elixir.

Where to find: You can find it at a salon near you for around $35 or online if you don’t want to leave the house.

SMB recommended use: How often to use the treatment will depend on which other hair treatment your using. If your not using another other oils or treatments we recommend every other blow out to possibly every 3 blow outs. Some hair will absorb the oil more then others and might leave an oily look if used too often. You may have to test a few times to see how your hair reacts.

*All Product of the WEEK! recommendations are the views of Secret Model Beauty because we love the results we get. We are not being paid (yet) or have sponsors. Sharing products which work is our only goal. Oh yeah, attempt at your own risk and consult your doctor for any new regimens.

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  1. I have out of control frizzy beach hair. This stuff (not sold in California yet except for Temecula) really creates a soft, swingy feel to my hair. Remember what your hair felt like when you were 15? That is what it makes it feel like again. I cannot keep my hands off of it!Now . . .I have not had any prolonged experience with this product ; so cannot speak to it’s “long term” effects.For now; I’m loving it!

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