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The Makeup Smudge Brush

Pro makeup tools to achieve a pro makeup look.

The Smudge Brush. Want to advance your makeup application ability? A multi-tasker, the smudge brush can smudge, contour or soften areas and hard lines easily. Learn the ins and out of the smudge brush.

The Makeup Smudge Brush

When makeup artists are asked how they achieve perfect eyeliner. I’ve heard many say, “it’s about the tools.” Makes perfect sense, right? Picasso couldn’t paint without his brushes nor could Frank Lloyd Wright create The Guggenheim Museum without drafting supplies. Acquiring a great supply of brushes is as essential to a beautiful makeup look as these creative geniuses need their tools and our favorite brush is the makeup smudge brush.

Want to advance your makeup application ability? I suggest the smudge brush as your next beauty investment. A multitasker, this brush can smudge, contour or soften areas and hard lines easily. The smudging technique is most known for aiding in the creation of a smokey eye. However, it can also be used for natural everyday makeup looks, such as, wisping an earth toned shadow under your lower lash line, contouring with nude shadows and even softening eyeliner pencil lines. A brush powerhouse.

Click here for an exclusive smokey eye tutorial using a smudge brush.

Fortunately, there are many to choose from cheap to high end. Good quality brushes can even last up to 10 years if taken care of properly. However, the best I’ve come across is probably somewhere on the higher end by Smashbox. Since the moment I came home with the brush I loved it. Smudge brushes are defined by being made of foam with a pointed dome shape or a short natural haired bristle — Smashbox’s smudge brush has both. Lucky consumers!

With hope of advancing makeup application precision, the makeup smudge brush was my ticket.

Where to buy: You can find Smashbox Double Ended Smudger Brush online or your closest beauty retailer

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