Stretch Yourself

Me doing a yoga pose called a "wrap."
I'm doing "Dancer's Pose." - Image source: KOS*USA Yoga apparel

I’m doing “Dancer’s Pose.” – Image source: KOS*USA Yoga apparel

Stretch Yourself

by Lindsey Lockwood

Want a boost of energy? Try getting up once an hour to stretch. When we sit at our desk all day our body and legs lose circulation which can cause muscle stiffness, spider veins and cellulite. Moving around a bit will get your blood flowing which will carry more oxygen and nutrition throughout your body and make you feel more energetic. You may also get a surge in concentration from the additional increase in blood to your brain.

So, if you’re writing a paper, working on a project or just playing video games at your computer give your body what is loves — A good stretch. This is how I stay rejuvenated while working a long day on set to keep me and the shots energized.

My favorite break time stretch is to go through a yoga sun salutation or vinyasa. For those of you who don’t know what a *vinyasa is, think of it as a series of stretches which you string together flowing from one to another. I like stretching to a point I feel warmed up so I know my body is working. However, I don’t always have the space to stretch out completely or I’m not alone so I may get self concious. When I’m not free to go crazy, classic stretches still feel awesome. Like simply bending over at the waist with straight legs then try to touch the floor and stretching my arms above my head as high as I can maybe adding a lean to the right and left.


*Vinyasa (wiki): There are four basic definitions of vinyasa: 1) the linking  of body movement with breath; 2) a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures; 3) setting an intention for one’s personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal; and 4) a type of yoga class.


Shortest video I found on youtube to demonstrate flowing through a vinyasa.

She does a great job of explaining.


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