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Loving Summer Hiking

Break the boring.

Breakup your boring gym routine and get outside if possible. Get some precious sun (but wear sunblock!), wind on your face, and possibly meet the wildlife or someone’s cute pup! It’s a fact getting outside also helps relieve depression.

Summer Hiking

Spending day after day in a highly air-conditioned, florescent lit gym can get repetitive. When the weather is warm there’s nothing better then getting outside and hitting a local hiking trail. Living in a big city like Los Angeles, I feel blessed Runyon Canyon is nearby so I can break up my gym routines to get some fresh air and vitamin D. Understandably, in other parts of the country it’s not standard to see  models and celebrities while out on a hike, it would likely be picturesque with nature and not people watching. However, my city hike gives me a great feeling of well-being just by getting outside.

If you’re not sure where the hiking trails around your area are located, try looking online at Every Trail or Some areas need permits like, Adventure Passes, for parking and recreational use of the forest or park. Make sure you know what regulations you need to follow before the start of your trip.

Coming across an article my agency (Nous Models) posted on their magazine blog, Nouszine, about Los Angeles’, Runyon Canyon. I realized how precious the trails are to all of us in the city which utilize them. If you’re not already hiking give it a try and see if a little sunshine is just what you need to perk up your week.

Nouszine’s Runyon Canyon article.

View Runyon Canyon Park in a larger map
Live in Los Angeles? Follow Runyon Canyon’s Facebook page. Runyon also offers daily free yoga classes with donations accepted.

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