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Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Does the Shape of your Eyebrow Complement Your Face Shape?

Your face shape will fall under one of these categories; long, square, round, heart-shaped and oval. Knowing which shape you are will determine your perfect eyebrow shape.

The perfect eyebrow

It is a lesser known fact that without eyebrows a person has virtually no expression at all. Eyebrows provide a frame to the eyes, making them stand out and a nicely arched eyebrow can add to the overall polished look. Almost seventy percent of the women have miss-matched eyebrow shapes, are you one of them?

Basic Eyebrow Shapes

You might just tweeze it a little out of proportion but from a macro point of view, there are five basic brow shapes.

  • Round– This shape comes sans any arches and is more akin to the shape of an inverted middle portion of the alphabet C
  • Curved– Between the inner corner of the eyebrow and the arch, there is a curve that can make the eyebrow look more prominent.
  • Sharp Angled– Similar to the name, the eyebrow has a very sharp arched and usually one can only get a sharp angled eyebrow with thinner brows.
  • Soft Angled– Similar to the Sharp Angled, this brow shape too has an arch but contrary to the sharp angled eyebrow, it is relatively less prominent.
  • Flat Brows– There is absolutely no arch in a flat shaped eyebrow and they are more like a horizontal line running over the eye.

Which is YOUR Perfect Eyebrow Shape?

If you are unaware of the shape of your face, take a close look in the mirror. The shape of your face will definitely fall under any of the five shapes- Long, Square, Round, Heart-Shaped and Oval.

A round face gives off a chubby appearance and over-thinning your eyebrows would only make it look bigger. Soft Angled brows with a shorter tail end, that are slightly fuller would impart an overall balance to the round-shaped face and not highlight the roundness much.

The worst shaped eyebrow for a long face would be a sharp angled one as that will make the face look an inch or two longer. Women with longer faces, a good example would be Jennifer Love Hewitt, must opt for flatter eyebrows as it would reduce the overall dimension of the face and give the impression of a shorter face. Another consideration is to not keep the brows extra long with a thin extended tail.

A good example of a square-shaped face would be Hillary Duff’s. The emphasis here is to soften the sharp features, especially the square jaw and for that a curved, soft angled brow shape has been deemed perfect. The eyebrow should be rather flat from the inner corner up till the starting of the arch and the outer half can be slightly curved.

Women with a heart-shaped face have some already prominent angles and the best bet for them would either be a flatter eyebrow with a very soft arch at the end or the soft angled eyebrow without any deliberately-extended tail.

The oval face shape is considered to be the perfect shape and is a delight of every eyebrow artist. Anything between curved and soft angled can complement the face-shape. However, women with an oval-shaped face must avoid the steeply-arched shape.

Eyebrow Tools

When plucking your eyebrows into a shape always pluck one hair at a time. Accidentally, plucking out a wrong hair can throw off the shape as a whole. Eyebrow hair does not grow very fast leaving you to fill in the patch for a long time. Invest in some high-quality precision tweezers like Tweezerman which seem to be a makeup artist standard. For someone just starting to shape their eyebrows, I would recommend the Brow Kit from Los Angeles based brow guru Anastasia. The kit contains everything you will need, such as; brow highlighter/shadow, eyebrow brush, stencils, gel, and tweezers.

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