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Clear Shine Gloss!? What’s that?

Clear Shine Gloss by John Frieda

A fantastic product to use in between salon visits, John Frieda’s Clear Shine Gloss should be in every girl’s shower. Adding shine and softness this product will leave you wondering, what’s in this magic goo?

John Frieda | Clear Shine Gloss

Delivering the same results as a salon glazing treatment right in your shower. Clear Shine Gloss refreshes your dull hair with a glisten — really. You leave it on for 3 minutes after shampoo and conditioning the result is shiny hair. I love this stuff. I’ve gotten so many compliments from hair stylist since I started using it and the girlfriends I’ve recommended it to are still thanking me…pinky swear.

Where to find: I found it at my local drug store for $9.99 in the shampoo section. You’ll have to look kinda hard — it’s easy to miss because of it’s packaging. You can also find it online.

SMB recommended use: Every 1 to 2 weeks.

Personal experience: The directions in the package recommend two ways to use this product. One is to leave on in the shower for 3 minutes after shampoo and conditioning then rinse. The other is to apply to damp or dry hair for 20 minutes then shampoo and condition as usual after. I have done both methods. In my experience I liked leaving it on for the mere 3 minutes better then a longer period. I noticed my hair felt like it was a bit heavy with oil when I left it on for a while and leaving on for the shorter time left my hair gorgeous.

All hair is different, experiment as you wish so you can decide what works best for your hair!

*All Product of the WEEK! recommendations are the views of Secret Model Beauty because we love the results we get. We are not being paid (yet) or have sponsors. Sharing products which work is our only goal. Oh yeah, attempt at your own risk and consult your doctor for any new regimens.

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