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Models and Tattoos: Too Taboo?

Fearless models get tattoos for self-expression.

If a model wants to get a tattoo the decision should be weighed carefully. Conservative clients won’t want to use a model with tattoos to sell their wholesome products. They wouldn’t want to send the wrong message. However, a model with the right look and right tattoo…can be iconized.

Super Model Cara With Tattoos for Chanel

By guest contributor Lindsay Sanders,

for Low Luv

for Low Luv

Ask any agent, and she’ll recoil in horror as soon as you say the word “tattoo”. These permanent markings are usually a no-go in the fashion industry, and conventional wisdom says to avoid them. But why? With top models like Heidi Klum and Omahyra Mota working the runway in full ink, is it time for this standard to go out the window?

Reasons Why Not

Tattoos, as I’m sure you know, are incredibly permanent and usually require special surgery to remove completely. Today’s tattooed culture has led to many regrettable tattoos and piercings. When you’re working with a photographer, they want to be able to focus on your beautiful skin and features, not your tats. Many of the more conservative photographers claim that they won’t work with tattooed models, period. However, ask them if they’d work with Heidi Klum and they’ll already be out the door snapping shots before you finish her name.

They may have a point. After all, you’re not Heidi (and if you are, hi Heidi!). Large tattoos can be distracting and can take away from the clothing and aesthetic of the shoot. If you get a tattoo in a place that’s not easily concealed, you can kiss bikini shoots goodbye. While yes, there is makeup that can cover up your ink, many agents and photographers balk at the cost of hiring a professional to airbrush it out.

Of course, if you’ve always longed for a tattoo, chances are, it won’t make or break your modelling career. However, you’ll have to proceed with caution. Stay away from large pieces in areas that are hard to hide. If you long for a full-sleeve tattoo that covers your entire arm, or a huge back piece, you’ll want to reconsider your career or your ink. Small, easy to cover tattoos are an entirely different story. These dainty delights can be super easy to cover up or Photoshop out. If you’re totally sold on the idea of getting a tattoo, try for places that are easy to conceal. Anything that can be hidden behind a bra or strap should be fine. Just make sure you’re ready to face the consequences – some photographers might still decide not to work with you.

Getting a tattoo is a highly personal choice that only you can make. Unless you’re a model, in which case, the decision should be made by you, your agent and possibly even your regular clients. Before you get that sweet tat you’ve been dreaming of, make sure you’re fully aware of the consequences.

About the Author

Lindsay Sanders of is an expert in the modeling and fashion industry. She writes advice and opinion articles for amateur and professional models.

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