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Remove Foot Calluses Easily

Get beautiful summer feet.

Easy to use, Grace Foot Callus Remover is a must in your beauty routine. Slide your feet into little foot socks for 90 minutes while going about your business. The result is soft fresh feet which feel sexy and brand new.

Grace Foot Callus Remover

With 13 natural extracts, Grace Foot Callus Remover leaves your feet feeling soft, fresh and new. The first time I tried this product I couldn’t believe how soft my feet felt. I play hard on my feet since I live an active lifestyle and attempting to remove foot calluses easily is a daunting task — a job never finished. Easy to use, you only have to slide your feet into the foot packs for about 90 minutes then your free to go about your business. They stay in place and are completely comfortable to walk around in. Grace foot moisturizes, soothe and heals dry, cracked, sore feet with this unique and convenient foot callus removing method.

Where to buy: There are only a few retailers which sell this product. I did online for $16.49.

SMB recommended use: You should only use Grace Foot every 1.5 to 3 months to remove calluses easily. The frequency of use will depend on how active you are. The first 2 cycles you should do closer together as you may have a lot of build up from a whole life on your feet.

*All Product of the WEEK! recommendations are the views of Secret Model Beauty because we love the results we get. We are not being paid (yet) or have sponsors. Sharing products which work is our only goal. Oh yeah, attempt at your own risk and consult your doctor for any new regimens.

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