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How To Look Taller In Photos

Kate Moss and Twiggy are both 5'8"

You would never guess a huge super model like Kate Moss is only 5’8.” How does she do it? Explore a few tips to help you appear taller in photos like a model.

Designers choose models with similar aesthetic qualities because fabric can drape better on a taller-lean build. Since height is won by a gene lottery, there are a few tricks less vertically inclined people can use to appear more statuesque in photos and on the runway.

How To Look Taller In Photos

  1. Try to keep your neck straight and inline with your shoulders not letting your head hang forward.
  2. Keep your chest high and your shoulders back – no slumping forward.
  3. Stand tall with a shallow curve in the small of your back.
  4. Hold in your stomach while tucking in your backside.
  5. Lastly, keep your feet parallel trying not to let them turn out.

Kate Moss and Twiggy are both 5’8″

Kate Moss for Roberto CavalliThe model Twiggy

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