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What’s The Secret?

How to become a goddess.

How does one stay thin, keep a beautiful complexion and become a goddess? Secret Model Beauty shares some of the tips real models use to stay gorgeous.

Becoming a sexy temptress isn’t necessarily difficult, maybe slightly time consuming, but not hard. It takes sticktoitiveness. Give yourself small gifts of eating healthy, pampering your skin and hair, staying hydrated and exercising regularly then the outcome of a goddess is inevitable. Promise.

Start here —–> Flex your will power muscle. Part of the secret to staying beautiful is diet. A healthy one. Whether you want to loose weight or have the beauty side effects (or both) you’ll have to learn to say no. When your friends ask you to go for the happy hour drink and so forth try saying, “no thanks, I’m going for a work out.” The more you use your will power the easier it gets. It’s just like working out your arms, legs or even memory — practice.

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